You will need:

  • An empty cardboard box
  • Shimmery card/tinfoil
  • White felt
  • White card
  • Cotton balls
  • Glue
  • Pens
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors

After a lovely play in the snow, we decided we wanted our characters to play in the snow too but we were too cold! Brrrr! So, we decided to make a snow garden for them to play in. J decided they needed a slide like his and a tunnel to crawl through.  J also decided that Mummy should make it for him, whilst he sat and told Mummy what to do … cheeky monkey!

We simply covered the inside of the box by sticking in two pieces of white card and one piece of shimmery card at the back. We glued the white felt onto the floor of the box so as to have a nice texture.  Mummy then drew a snow man on some card to stick to the flaps on the box, whilst J was in charge of sticking the cotton balls inside the box to make piles of snow.  Finally, we used a cardboard box for the tunnel, covered it in felt and stuck some felt down the slide.  As a finishing touch, we stuck some felt to the top of the box.

J then collected the characters and vehicles he wanted to play with and the play time began…


J loved recreating the fun we had outside and used lots of the vocabulary we had used whilst in the ‘freezing cold.’  Little Mummy was very determined about the children wearing their warm clothes and J explained to the children why they needed them!  (So, he does listen after all!!)  J kept coming back to this simple small world snow box and many characters got to play in the snow… including the farm animals, jungle animals and even his dinosaurs.

What did J learn?

  • Using language to imagine and recreate roles and experiences in play.
  • Comments and asks questions about the  natural world.
  • Create simple representations of events, people and objects.
  • Engages in imaginative role-play based on own first-hand experiences.
  • Notices what adults do and imitating them.
  • Builds stories around toys, e.g. jungle animals were lost in the snow.
  • Uses available resources to create props to support role-play.

J’s Age: 2 years and 5 months


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