We all have days where we would do ANYTHING for a lie-in or a day off but for parents of  young children, that just isn’t possible!  For me, the guilt of putting J in front of the TV for a couple of hours (or more) is overwhelming!! I genuinely believe that given the right sort of programme, children learn an awful lot!! I’m definitely not against TV in any way – I actually think it can provide a great basis for learning!

Whilst pregnant for G, J watched the film ‘Madagascar’ several (hundred) times!! He adored it and everything about it – so I used this as the basis for some simple creativity and story telling.  In fact we used this film for lots of learning.  Will post more at a later date!

I presented J with paints, paper, felt tips, glue, scissors and animal print paper.  I said he was going to  create some pictures about Madagascar however he chose. Then I left the rest to him.  J decided he wanted to draw a picture of Marty, Melman and Alex  as these are his three favourite characters.  As he created, we talked about the film and what happened in the story.  I asked questions such as, ‘what happened next?’ ‘Why do you think they did that?’  ‘What would you have done?’  What was the funniest bit?’ etc.

Once J had created his Madagascar picture, he used it to ‘tell me the story’- to say he loved this activity is an understatement.  There was so much language, story telling and expanding his thoughts and feelings – how could watching this film not be educational?!


J’s masterpiece…

Sticking, drawing, painting, cutting - a magical mixture of fine motor development!

Sticking, drawing, painting, cutting – a magical mixture of fine motor development!

What did J learn?

  • Sequencing a story in language and picture form
  • Developing language through story telling, adding detail to explanations and asking questions
  • Developing his own narrative
  • Developing fine motor skills and control of different materials
  • Experimenting with different materials

J’s Age:  2 years and 6 months


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