As a teacher, I used washing lines in the outdoor area very regularly for things like number ordering, spelling/phonic games, shape games and many more.   I wanted to recreate a similar opportunity to learn but indoors, so J and I made a table top washing line.  Getting J involved in the making process really engaged him and now he really WANTS to play with it.  Bonus is the games are educational AND he is developing his fine motor skills when using a peg to peg things onto the line!!

What you need:

  • We used two empty Jaffa Cake tubes but anything like that is fine.
  • Self adhesive foam letters and numbers
  • Something to weight the tubes so they do not fall over
  • Sticky tape
  • Wool
  • Paper

1. We covered the tubes in black sugar paper.

2. J decorated the tubes with foam letters and numbers.

3. J and I weighted the tubes with stones.

4. Mummy sealed the stones by taping the lids onto the tubes.

5. Mummy tied wool around the top of the two tubes and taped them securely in place.

Ready to play …


One thought on “Table Top Washing Line (For all sorts of Games)

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