Interest play station


Each week, I change J’s ‘interest play station’ so that he continues to be interested in the area!  I follow whatever J’s interested in that week and usually there is something obvious to do.  To spark the interest it may have been a book, TV programme, weekend trip, something Grandpa said – anything really.  One thing is for sure, J knows what he likes!!  So, this week he is really interested in aliens.  This was sparked by some free stickers he was given in Asda!

So the Alien Land was created while J was at nursery.  I like him to see it when it is finished so that is has the wow factor!! This is the BEST part for me – aside from seeing him enjoy it obviously!

All you need:

  • Tin foil
  • Some toy characters
  • Plastic shot glasses (always a winner) for the space helmets
  • Shiny roasting tin
  • Pebbles (I used the glass ones as I know I can watch J with them for safety)
  • Play dough
  • Googly eyes
  • Rainbow coloured wooden sticks

To create the area, I simply covered the top of the table in tin foil.  I covered one of his play houses in foil to act as the play station.  I then collected a few characters from his toy boxes – we had a couple of aliens from toy story already.  I added the pebbles, which J later called asteroids, (he ALWAYS impresses me!) and put a number on each one.  This was just for J to play with and interpret as he chose.  I didn’t point the numbers out – he noticed and thought he was very clever for finding different numbers on the ‘asteroids.’  Finally, I added some play dough, googly eyes and rainbow coloured sticks for J to make his own aliens. He had a blast!  It took me 15 minutes to set this area up and J played with it all afternoon and on and off throughout the week.

I tend to add a fancy dress item to the interest table so that J can get into character and expand the imaginary play as he wishes!  I love dressing up clothes and I must say – the space suit one is my favourite!!

ALien play064068

What did J learn?

  • Using language to imagine and recreate roles and experiences in play.
  • Comments and asks questions about the world.
  • Create simple representations of events, people and objects.
  • Engages in imaginative role-play.
  • Builds stories around toys, e.g. aliens and asteroids!
  • Uses available resources to create props to support role-play.

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