Now widely accepted that much of the world remains a blur for the initial weeks of a baby’s life, I wanted to help G’s visual development. They are often only able to distinguish strong contrasts, hence the reason for the ever growing black and white toys for babies.

High-contrast colours like black and white will captivate and hold baby’s attention, encouraging visual development as well as physical activity.  However, having a baby is very expensive and I have created a number of these black and white resources for a couple of pounds a time…  and G LOVES them!! 🙂


b&w  To make for £2.50…

  • 3 white, blank canvas boards
  • Black permanent marker
  • wool
  • sticky tape
  • ribbon

I sketched a simple pattern with pencil onto each canvas.  Using a permanent marker, I coloured in the drawing. Finally, I using several lengths of wool and sticky tape to attach the 3 boards together.  To add ways in which I could use this black and white board, I added a loop of ribbon to each end.  Very simple, very quick and cost pennies!


2 thoughts on “Black and White Baby Fun

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