Button Shapes


J loves to glue and stick and generally get messy! Who doesn’t?  So, when he asked if he could do some sticking, I quickly grabbed a few bits for him to have a play.  I drew (very quickly) a circle, triangle, rectangle, square and pentagon on a piece of card.  I gave him some gloopy glue (as he likes to call it) and some buttons of different shapes, colours and sizes.  I didn’t tell J to fill the shapes with buttons or go over the black line, or just randomly stick them – I left it to him to decide what to do and this is what he did!! He then asked for a robot shape, so of course I obliged!  Whilst he did this, I snuggled G and had a well earned cuppa!! 😉

IMG-20130612-01940                 robot

What did J learn?

  • Rehearsed shape recognition and property of shape
  • Rehearsed colour names (of buttons)
  • Developed fine motor skills
  • Problem solving when finding the right size buttons to fill the spaces


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