To add to my home-made ‘high contrast play’ collection, I made a treasure basket and a large high contrast board.  G enjoys staring at the patterns on the board and this was made with things around the home – so essentially was free!!

Treasure Basket Includes:

  • The canvas board folded down
  • Some black and white images from the internet – you can get some simple images for babies free from many sites.  I printed and laminated them and then stuck some black felt over the shapes to make them more tactile.
  • Black and white cuddly toys from around the home.
  • Black and white sheer material.
  • A zebra pattern pencil case from the pound shop!

How to make the large board:

I had an old pin board so decided to make something!! I painted it white with acrylic paint from J’s paint box. I printed off some more black and white images from the internet. I went round some of the black shapes with a red marker to make it more high contrast. Finally, I used some small black and red squares (previously cut out for one of J’s activities) and using them to make a patterned border for more interest! Totally free so even more rewarding when G is loving it!! 😀


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