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One way we use our table top washing  line is to ‘order numbers.’  J really wants to hang the numbers on the line as he loves the sensation of squeezing the peg and attaching something to the line with it – he thinks it’s amazing! J can easily recite the number names in order and is pretty competent reconising  numbers 1-10.  We are now playing lots of games to rehearse these skills and learning to  put the numbers in order together. We have to say the number names lots of times so that J knows what comes next.  It really is a fun way to learn this important skill and one J now gets out on his own to play.

See the post ‘Table Top Washing Line‘ to see how we made it!

What did J learn?

  • Number recognition 0-10
  • Saying number names is order
  • Putting numbers in order
  • Developing fine motor skills and hand muscles (essential for writing)

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