Gorgeous Books and Cosy Nooks!


I genuinely believe, if a busy parent has five minutes spare to spend with their child, then sharing a book and having a cuddle is by far the BEST thing to do! I know as a teacher and a parent, that the greatest gift a child can have is the gift of reading.  It is enjoyable, relaxing and opens the door to every opportunity and success in their education!  From personal experience of working with many children over the years, the ones who read a lot are the children who do well at school!

As soon as my children were born, I shared stories with them! Before they were born, their book collection started! That is how important it is! Simple! As well as LOVING stories, my children also LOVE the cosy corners we have created.  Children love a good den, so add a few cushions and teddies and you’re away!

I am sorry for babbling on about the importance of reading to children, it is only because I KNOW it makes a HUGE difference!! One of my passions as a teacher was helping children who struggle, learn to read well.  If you help a child to read well, then everything else improves!   Here are our cosy nooks!

I love J ‘reading’ to G in this photo!


J has a bigger bedroom than G, but I still wanted G to have a book space in her bedroom. So, I used some (cheap as chips) spice racks from Ikea to display her books in an appealing way.  I cannot take credit for this idea! I found it originally on Pinterest but I cannot remember where! Sorry!

Precious Play Ideas



  1. I’ve seen the spice racks on Pinterest, too, and popped to Ikea today to get some 🙂 A great idea, space saving and a bargain! Couldn’t agree more about the importance of books and reading, and both of my children love them, having been read to since a few weeks old.

    1. Fab! Glad you have got the spice racks! Took my husband a few reminders before they were finally put up though! 😉 They are great and so cheap and effective! Yes, I just love reading with my two! Thanks for the follow!

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