Baby Reflection!

baby reflection

G is going to be four months old on Friday! Where on earth does the time go?  G is still enjoying her black and white, high-contrast images but she is also very excited by colour.  G loves looking at faces as do all babies really.  Thankfully, my face is one of her favourites along with Daddy’s and J’s!  However, babies are very happy looking at their own reflection! If only we all were happy to see what looks back at us in the mirror hey!!

As seen in a previous post, I made G a large black and white board.  She still likes looking at this but the bonus of a board is, it has two sides! Today I decided to get cracking on the other side!

Original board - now it's time for the other side!
Original board – now it’s time for the other side!

First off, I covered the other side of the board in four pieces of black sugar paper, sticking it into place.  Next I stuck on two self-adhesive, plastic mirrors I picked up in the pound shop last week! Finally, I cut out some fluorescent shapes and stuck them in the spaces to add more colour and interest.

baby reflect5

G was ready to play! She was mesmerised instantly, cooing and giggling away at her reflection.  She could also see my reflection and this made her smile.

baby reflect

baby reflect 3

G was grabbing at the shapes and talking to herself in the mirror so much so she…

baby reflect 2

…almost rolled over for the first time!!!! Woo hoo! 🙂

sibling play

G was enjoying tummy time so much, J decided to join in! He thought the slightly distorted image of his face was hysterical! I love my kiddies!! Precious Play and precious time had by us all! 🙂


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