body splat

I am introducing two new numbers to J.  He recognises numbers 0-10 fairly confidently now, so 11 and 12 are next on the hit list!  J still very much needs lots of rehearsal through play for all the other numbers though! Hence today we played Body Splat!

body splat3

All you need…

We simply cut out 13 ‘splat’ shapes in different fluorescent colours.  Next, I wrote a number from 0-12 on each splat. Last week, I bought G a windmill from the pound shop (bet you’re beginning to think I never go anywhere else! I do – promise!) and in there were two windmills. Today, the second one became a spinner.  I am fully aware of what body parts J is and isn’t aware of, so I chose the parts he could do with learning and wrote one on each petal (on both sides).  I included, ear lobe, chin, ankle, knee, jaw, bottom (for fun), hip, sole, palm etc.  I found an old plastic stick (no idea what it really is) and tacked this to the windmill.


Body Splat was ready to go!

How to play:

J spun the spinner and whatever petal it landed on told us what part of J’s body he needed to splat the number with.  Today, I chose the numbers at random as I didn’t have time to make a number version of the spinner.  So, for example, J spun the spinner and it landed on ‘hip,’ I said ‘4’ and he had to find number 4 and splat it with his hip saying ‘splat’ as loud as he could!  We repeated this for lots of numbers and body parts.

body splat 4

J added his own element when it came to splatting number 8 with the sole of his foot. He lay down and then tapped it 8 times, counting his taps as he went! Clever clogs!

body splat 1

This game could be played with sounds (phonics) too – might give that a go later!!

What did J learn?

  • Rehearsed number recognition 0-12
  • Learning the names and whereabouts of his different body parts
  • Developing gross motor skills with large scale movements
  • Developing balance and coordination

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