An Office Like Daddy’s! (A Literacy Game)

J ADORES his Daddy and everything about him!  He wants to be just like Daddy and everyday asks a million questions about Daddy’s office! He’s insisted that Daddy should text him a photo of his office on many occasions.  I think he thinks it is a magical land – how disappointed he would be – or would he?  Let’s find out and make ‘an office like Daddy’s.’

Office Play

To create ‘the office’ I used two of J’s low tables (£6 each from Ikea and perfect height for playing at) and pushed them together. I got an old computer keyboard and stuck some black paper on a wooden toy box to make the computer screen.  I added a magnetic notice board, calculator, notebooks, pens and pencils, mobile phone toy, photo of J and a briefcase! I will post about the briefcase later in the week as that is a game in itself.  To finish the office off, I used J’s sandwich toys to make a packed lunch and added a book as Daddy always reads whilst eating his lunch at work!


To add the extra Literacy element, I used the sounds J is learning on the computer screen to make CVC words.  J is not ready to read these at all but he is able to recognise the sounds and always asks what it says.  This is great as J is showing me he understands that letters put together, make words and those words have a meaning.  I made real words so that I can model how to sound these letters and blend them to make a word. J may not be ready to do this himself but he is definitely ready to watch and see this modelled! I am also making an effort to put his name everywhere so he will eventually recognise his name! This will be the first step to learning how to form it.

You can see the briefcase.  As I said, this is a phonics game in itself and I will post it later this week.


I’m always looking for a new way to enjoy a story (obsessed) and today I included a story with his ‘lunch’ as this is what Daddy does when he eats!  For boys, in particular, reading can develop into a chore as they get older.  It is so important that boys do not see reading as a ‘girly’ thing to do. So, wherever possible, make sure the men in your children’s lives (Dad’s, Grand parents, Uncles, friends, brothers) read in front of your boys! It makes a difference – PROMISE!

P1040633P1040631 P1040630

J loved his office and told me to stop singing as he was, ‘trying to concentrate!’  When J plays the role play games, I do not sit there asking him questions to ensure he ‘learns’ the Literacy focus! Whatever happens naturally (lead by J) is the best learning he could have.  Today’s first play with his office and he: pointed at each sound on his computer screen and said the sound (sometimes incorrectly); added other sounds to his notice board whilst telling me what the notice board ‘said’ and typed numerous emails and rang home to say he was starving!!! (Hahaha)

Can’t wait to see what other learning comes from ‘The Office!’

I will update this post as J continues to play!!

P1050003 Here is another photo taken from J’s week in the office! He added a suit jacket ‘like Daddy’s’ and some glasses just because he wanted to!  He also collected all the opened envelopes of post through the week as he had so many letters to send. J also added a numeracy game to the ‘work’ load as he wanted to have ‘busy days!’  This was a Melissa and Doug counting and matching game!

What did J learn?

  • Endless amounts of phonic and letter recognition rehearsal thanks to; the computer scree, keyboard, briefcase game, notice board etc.
  • Mark making in his notebook.
  • Counting and matching numbers to amounts thanks to the Melissa and Doug game he added to his desk!
  • He loved getting his sandwich in and out of the lunch box and taking the lid off (fine motor development).
  • Lots of language development as he spoke to ‘clients’ on the phone!




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