The Lab (Discovery and Imaginative Play)

The Lab by Precious Play

J is very much into making potions at the moment, the problem is he’s using his left over dinner which is driving us mad!  I made this lab and said if he ate all his dinner, he could make things in the lab instead! Funnily enough, there wasn’t a scrap of food left!!

The lab consists of:

  • the back of an old table cloth
  • an ice cube tray
  • plastic, clear spoons
  • a mini sieve
  • a plastic, craft, sorting tray
  • two magnifying glasses
  • an old, cleaned syringe
  • tweezers
  • food storage pots
  • clear tubs
  • 2 plastic wine glasses with the stems taken off
  • a plastic bottle with water in

The tray consists of:

  • pompoms
  • rice
  • lentils
  • macaroni
  • coloured water
  • sugar

The lab precious play1Precious play lab

What did J learn?

J got so much out of this interest station! He was talking about mixing colours and was amazed when a new colour formed! He thought it only happened with paint! He was chuffed!  He was shocked when the sugar ‘disappeared’ in the water! The fine motor skills he needed to play at this station were being tested! Developing fine motor skills is essential for being able to write later on.  Using his thumb and index finger, J needed to pick up the rice and lentils, squeeze the tweezers to pick up the macaroni and pick up the sugar.  The pincer grip is really important and children need to have lots of opportunities to work this grip to aid their ability to write.

Overall, J loved this and using things we had around the home meant it wasn’t hard to create!

Precious play lab 4Precoius play lab6 - CopyPrecious play lab 3



  1. simple genius, will be making use of this on my discovery table at some point next year, thanks tash….amanda x

  2. Thank you Sara and Amanda! Hope your new intake enjoy it Amanda! Hope you tell your new Nursery/ Reception parents about the blog too as working together will help the children even more! Can’t remember if your school has a nursery now? I’m almost certain you do!

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