Baby Rocket Precious Play

We have been using this baby rocket for a while now and G still loves it whenever we get it out! We’ve had a LONG day travelling back from my parents house and G is exhausted! I’m pretty tired myself!! When we got home, I needed to put everything vaguely where is belongs, so I gave G her Baby Rocket.  She thinks it’s fab and her little face lit up as she saw her familiar game.  To make the rocket, I simply covered an empty tube in black sugar paper.  To create the ‘explosion of colour,’ I used our beloved rainbow scarves and stuffed them in the tube! I leave a little of the fabric hanging out for G to grab hold of.  Here are some photos I’ve taken before of G playing with her rocket.  It makes me giggle because just as G manages to pull the entire scarf out, she realises the job isn’t complete and occasionally she looks a little exasperated, other times she keep on going! That feeling seems VERY familiar to how I feel most days! Winking smile

Baby Rocket 3 Precious PlayBaby Rocket 4 precious playBaby Rocket 2 Precious Play

Such a simple game yet, G will spend ages pulling out the scarves.  This will take you a matter of minutes to prepare for your baby! I can tell each time she plays, she is willing to spend longer and longer.  Her attention span is getting longer all the time!  Games that engross baby, can only be a good thing! Happy Playing!


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