Sound Box Phonics game

As promised, this post is about the briefcase in J’s office! J and I  made a sound box a couple of weeks ago and now J is using it as his briefcase in his new office!!  First we got a plastic craft storage case from the local craft shop.  Next, J decorated some wooden, lowercase letters using felt tip pens.  He decorated the letters s,a,t.i.p and n as these are the sounds he is learning.  Most phonics schemes begin with these sounds as they create the most amount of VC and CVC words quickly.  (CVC = Consonant, vowel, consonant e.g. sat, pat, pan, pin, tin)  I tacked these sounds into it’s own compartment and along the longer section, put a mixture of magnetic letters, foam letters, wooden letters and ‘Alphablocks’ letters (BBC programme) for J to sort/match into the correct section.  By simply involving J in creating this game, gives him a real sense of ownership and he places more importance on the game because HE made it!


J really enjoys this activity and sees it as ‘very important work!’  Adding a simple activity to J’s role play area, ‘An office like Daddy’s’, not only gives J some ‘work’ to do in his office but also adds even more of a Literacy element.  It is a very simple activity but immersing children in the sounds they are learning, through play, is the best way for them to learn.  This is far more interesting than sitting down and doing a worksheet or work book!

What is J learning as he plays?

  • Beginning to recognise letter shape (grapheme) and relate it to the sound it makes (phoneme).

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