Baby Sparkle

Baby Sparkle by precious play

This sparkly, golden sensory activity for baby is so easy and proves popular with older siblings too! All you need is a clear plastic bowl, glitter, PVA glue and a torch!

Baby Sparkle Baby Sparkle Precious Play

I got an old, clear, plastic bowl and spread a thin layer of PVA glue around the inside.  Next, I sprinkled some golden glitter to the glue and waited for it to dry.

Finally, I got a torch, went into a darkened room with G and J and started shining the torch over the glitter.  We also held the bowl upside down and held the torch under. The beautiful shadows and shapes that shone on the ceiling really excited both J and G.  Unfortunately, you do not really see the true beautiful shimmer and glimmer on the photographs! I do however, strongly recommend this lovely, simple, sensory activity! Have fun! Smile

BAby Sparkle 3Baby Sparkle by precious playBaby Sparkle 2


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