Colour and Number Game (Made all by himself)

Colour and number game

J decided yesterday that he wanted to make a game all by himself!  He was very determined and boy did he do a good job!! I didn’t get time to write this post yesterday as sadly, his making of the game (all by himself) ended with J being so excited, he fell of the chair and banged his head on the table!! Ended in tears!! Happily, he is a brave little man and was eating a bag of Haribo (for medicinal purposes) within the hour! Winking smile

Colour and number game1

We cut a paper plate into quarters and J painted each quarter in a different colour.

Colour and number game.jpg2Next, J had to clip three pegs to each quarter of the plate –  fine motor development, every step of the way!! Sneaky Mummy! J then had to paint the three pegs the same colour at the quarter they were attached to.

Colour and number game4  COlour and number game6

Painting the pegs was another fine motor development activity and J did so well with it. By the last three pegs, he had had enough and asked me to finish them. The reality is, his little muscles in his hands need exercising just like any other body part; this is why fine motor skill development is so important.  So often, I would hear small children at school saying their hand hurt.  This wasn’t a way of getting out of doing their work – their hand genuinely hurt! If we want to help our children in the process of learning to write, developing their fine motor skills through play and creativity is a great way to begin.

Precious play number game

Once the pegs had dried, I numbered each peg and numbered parts of the plate so that J could match the colours and the numbers. I purposely chose three pegs per quarter as J is working on recognising numbers to 12 at the moment. He also sometimes mixes blue, green and yellow up so this needs further rehearsal through play too.

colour and number game 7Colour and number game.jpg2precious play fine motor skillsprecious play colour game

What did J learn?

  • Whilst making the game (all by himself) J was talking about the colours and rehearsing the recognition of each colour name.
  • There was lots of fine motor development throughout the making and playing process: painting, squeezing the pegs, manipulating the small pegs as he painted them.
  • J rehearsed colour recognition when playing the game.
  • J rehearsed matching the numerals and recalling the number names as he played.
  • J’s confidence took a boost as he was SO proud that he’d made the game (all by himself!) with just a tiny bit of help from Mummy! Smile

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