The Joy a Story Brings! (Literacy and Small World Play)

billy goats

As with most things, if a child has experienced something for themselves, they are going to naturally be more interested in it. Last week, J came as close as he could to ‘trip trapping’ over a trolls bridge! Since then, the menacing voice of the troll has echoed through our house!! Today we had J’s older twin cousins at our house due to a teacher training day.  A boy and a girl, both with very different interests but equally as gorgeous and lovely. The three of them set to work on creating a video of the story using their small world creation.

Trip trapping We began by reading the story together and J filled in for the voice of the troll.  As I say, over the past couple of days he’s practised plenty! Then, I gave the trio a cat litter tray to contain the small world, play dough and googly eyes.  The rest was up to them.  They decided they needed stones and grass and went outside to collect them.  They also decided to use lolly sticks for the bridge and play dough to make the water.  The twins delegated the job of making the goats to J and J set to work!!

billy goats1billy goats3

As you can see in the second photo, J ended up with a row of several sausage shapes.  When A and L (the twins) asked J what they were, he said, ‘I’m making the goats legs!’  Well that was obvious surely! Winking smile  Several sausages later, (I mean legs) J decided that the story needed snakes in the meadow, so he added them to the small world! Whatever they were was fine with me, J was having fun and his fine motor skills were being exercised once more! Anyway, the outcome was absolutely gorgeous and totally made by the terrific trio!

billy goats 4

Can you see the two snakes in the grass? So funny!  Before I mention anything else… just look at J’s face (below) and the pure joy a story gave him – priceless!  Check out the video made by the gorgeous trio on my facebook page!  They filmed, narrated and were the voice-overs for the small world characters and all they needed was my mobile phone! Working with modern technology for simple yet creative play! J has watched this video about 20 times so far! He is so proud!

billy goats5

What did the trio learn?

  • Taking turns and playing cooperatively.
  • Talking about and sharing ideas.
  • Fine motor development.
  • Retelling and sequencing of a story.
  • Using story language.
  • Using and manipulating materials to create a setting.
  • Talking about and comparing size (of goats).
  • Representing their ideas using technology.

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