Baby Sensory Plant Pots

sensory plant pots 2

I just love a ‘baby day!’  G and I did so many lovely things today and yes I miss J loads but G gets so much out of ‘Mummy and me’ time! We can only afford for J to go to nursery one and a half days a week whilst I’m on maternity leave, so I try to get as much into our day and a half as possible!  Another activity we did today was our Sensory Plant Pots!

sensory plant pots

All I needed is in the photo above; plant pots, material, gold ribbon, gold beads and shiny material. I really wanted the shimmer and glimmer as we were playing this outside and the sun made it dazzle! G loves a bit of dazzle! I simply put the materials in the pots and put the pots in the sunshine! Yes, we had some today!

Then, G being G, she got stuck in!  She pulled, emptied, waved things around, giggled, tasted and generally enjoyed playing! What more could I ask for? Perfect little girly! Smile

sensory plant pots 2.jpg 4precious play 2precious play3sensory baby 2sensory gardensensory baby


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