My First Den

first den

I’ve been desperate to make G a den now for ages as there are endless sensory opportunities and let’s face it, we ALL love a den! This one is so basic but easily adapted to a variety of future uses.  It’s not the prettiest or neatest but G loved it and for me, that’s all that matters!  Before I go any further, I DO NOT RECOMMEND baby to be left in this den without adult supervision!!

my den I managed to pick up a VERY cheap picket fence (£1.50) with 4 sides so it was perfect for what I needed.

I then weaved some scarves (yes the scarves again) in between the sections of the fence and pegged two different colours to act as the roof!  Hey presto!

first den 5

G loved this den and we played lots of peekaboo games! Looking at each other through the sheer roof, through the ‘windows’ and various little crevices! No matter how many times I said ‘peekaboo,’ G gave me a gummy grin! Can’t wait to make more dens! Have lots of ideas! Yippee!  Tuesday’s are my day with G when J is at nursery, so I will be posting another baby idea shortly!

first den 3


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