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I’ve been wanting to tell people about these glove puppets as I find them wonderful for so many things…  “Old McDonald” is made by Scholastic and the other two are made by “The Puppet Company.”  They are available from various places but I think I got mine from Amazon.


Even before our babies are born, we are encouraged to talk to them! It’s seems so simple, yet as a teacher, I honestly had at least one or two children in my class each year who just weren’t spoken to at home! For whatever reason, the lack of talk had a huge detrimental impact on their ability to socialise, interact and make friends, let alone their ability to learn to read and write!  From day one, we should set aside time to talk to our children, without distraction, without worrying about the endless list of jobs to do! Before long, they will be all grown up and besides anything else, we shouldn’t take this precious time for granted! I am as guilty as the next person for saying, ‘I’ll just do this and then…’

Sometimes, without a prop or a book, it may be difficult to switch off from menial tasks and just talk to your baby/toddler/child!  I find things such as these glove puppets  just amazing.  I used them as a teacher and love them as a Mum.  They are great for talking, singing, interacting, role play, maths, story telling and if you’re G, they’re not bad for eating either.  G loves the little faces, the dangly bits, the contrast of colours and textures on the ‘space glove’ and she loves ‘talking’ to them!


I am definitely a believer that ‘baby talk/language’ is a complete waste of time! I know some people will disagree with me but just hear me out! We want our children to have a rich, varied and broad vocabulary and want them to pronounce words correctly.  I wonder then, what is the point in ‘babying’ the language?  Why say ‘narna,’ ‘woof woof’ (for dog), ‘choo choo’ (for train)?  It just seems odd to me! By all means, teach your children that a train makes a ‘choo choo’ sound but it’s not called a ‘choo choo!’  I feel sorry for children when they are taught words at a young age and then told, ‘no, actually that’s wrong, it’s really called…’  For me, it just makes sense to use the real words from the beginning! If they mispronounce words as they learn, that is normal; it will come but WE should be modelling the correct pronunciation and using a varied vocabulary.  For instance, I make sure I use words like hilarious, delicious, serious etc and now J knows what these words mean, he uses them freely!  Feel free to think I’m talking nonsense but if I was going to suggest a way to develop language, it would be to avoid the baby talk!

Music and Singing:

As well as using the glove puppets to talk and immersing your baby in a rich and varied vocabulary, they obviously have songs to go with them. Singing and music are excellent for children’s development as it stimulates parts of the brain directly related to reading, writing and maths.  Getting children involved in singing and listening to music stimulates both sides of their brain, making connections between the cells.  These connections will aid in almost every area of their education! So, get singing and listening to simple songs from as early as possible! The songs for these particular puppets are; “Five cheeky monkeys” (various versions), “Old McDonald” and “Five little men in a flying saucer.”

Story Telling:

Just as sharing books is vital, so too is being able to tell a story.  Your children will love your stories just as much as those that are published.  Using these glove puppets to tell stories together is so much fun and J loves to do this himself now!


The monkey and space men gloves are great for introducing, discretely, subtraction and counting backwards/down as in the songs, the numbers decrease. J loves these gloves so they really are an investment as they can be used from baby to school age.

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