My lovely little man has developed a few strange fears of late and his loved ones wearing glasses is one of them! (I know!) When J asks his grand parents to read to him, they reach for their reading glasses and begin the story.  Within thirty seconds, J has started to remove their glasses and says, ‘No, not with glasses on!’  I’m not sure what it is but it suddenly occurred to me, he doesn’t really understand why they put these peculiar things on their eyes.  As amusing as it is trying to watch my Dad see the words in J’s books, I feel J needs to see the glasses as a positive aid to being able to see!!  Luckily for me, an optician is a Literacy delight!

To make the opticians:

  • I went and purchased a few pairs of reading glasses from the erm… Pound Shop; I know, I might as well move in!  I also found some silly sunglasses.  I popped the lenses out of the reading glasses but kept the lenses as they will make great mini magnifying glasses at some point!!!
  • Next, I covered a baby wipe box in black sugar paper and punched a few holes to display the glasses as they would be  in an opticians.
  • Then, I gathered a few mirrors, baskets for sunglasses and wrote out some prices.  I used the numbers J is getting muddled with for the prices to allow for number recall rehearsal.
  • I wrote the sounds J is learning, along with the letters from his name, on a whiteboard to act as the letter chart.
  • I put a keyboard and screen (as used in Daddy’s Office Role Play last week) on a desk.
  • I added some alphabet magnetic letters on a magnet board to use as another letter chart and to incorporate more Literacy opportunities in the play.
  • Finally, I wrote ‘Appointment Book’ on a notepad and voila!

optician 1optician 4optician2

Before we played,  we popped into the optician to see a real one and give J some experience of what happens there. On the way home, we talked about what was in there and what we saw.  J said, ‘Mummy, wouldn’t it be great if we made an optician to play in at home!’  Luckily, on arrival at home, the ‘optician making fairy’ had been and granted J’s wish! Winking smile  To begin with, I acted as the optician to model for J what he/she would do and give J the opportunity to try on all the glasses as the patient.  To check his eyes, I gave him the magnet board and asked if there were any sounds he recognised.  He found ‘s’ straight away and made the sound.

optician 6 - Copy

I then asked him to stand up, cover one eye and read the sounds on the letter chart. In the photo, he is excitedly saying ‘a.’  When he saw ‘Joshua’ at the bottom, he said, ‘that’s my name!’ optician 7 - Copy

He was very proud! J was also delighted to know he had failed his eye test and was in desperate need of some glasses. We went over to try them on and J just loved looking at himself in the mirror with the glasses on.

optician 10optician 8 - Copy

I insisted he put the glasses back on the ‘stand’ when he had finished trying on a pair as this was another sneaky way of developing his fine motor skills.

optician 9

What did J learn?

J enjoyed ‘mark making’ when he had to sign his name,optician 13

Finding lots of sounds on the letter charts and key boards.optician 12

Developing his fine motor skills and getting into character using appropriate language/vocabulary.  J insisted I had a photo taken too and just to prove I got stuck in, here’s a pic! Glamour puss!! Hahaha!

optician 15optician 16optician 11

I have a feeling this play station is going to be well loved by my boy this week!  The photo above made me belly laugh; he was horrified by these glasses!


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  2. Pingback: The Optician – Literacy Development Heaven

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