Weaving 1

An easy, arty activity for all ages is weaving! Not only is it fun, effective and challenging, it is also fabulous for developing those fine motor skills necessary for writing.  Developing the motor skills will only improve handwriting, so even my 9 year old twins benefitted from a hand workout! All you need is a piece of card with slits in.  Be sure not to go to the edge with your slits, you need a frame around the outside of the card so that the weaved card does not fall out!  Then you need strips of card in a variety of colours… time to weave!

Weave the strips under and over the slits in the large piece of card; weaving in and out.weaving2

It is a good idea to tape the edges in place on the back to stop them sliding about.Weaving 5

I suggested to J that we do it together as I thought he would find it too difficult.  I tried to do wide slits for him but he wanted to be the same as his cousins!  He did find it a real challenge but he gave it a really good go! I was very proud! After the black strip, he was done but I’m not surprised; it’s tricky! Weaving3

Finished articles, a pencil pot for her and a piece of art for his room!weaving 6weaving 7

Crafty art, good for handwriting!


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