baby disco den 5

In our house, we all love music! We all love a play date and we all love a bit of sparkly fun! Put the three together and what do you get? Baby Disco Den!  Once again, as with all the light/sparkly sensory things I post about, the photo’s don’t do it justice! It’s so hard to capture what it actually feels like to be there but I’ve done my best and hopefully it will inspire you to make one for your baby!

Baby disco den

So, what is needed to make the Disco Den? I used my picket fence as seen in ‘My First Den,’ two black bin bags, pegs, butterfly lights (solar powered so no plugging in necessary) and fibre optic lights (again solar powered)! Believe it or not, I managed to pick up the butterfly lights and fibre optic for less than £10 and they will be used a lot as G absolutely LOVES them! As stated in precious den post, I DO NOT RECOMMEND BABY IS LEFT ALONE WITH THIS DEN!

baby disco den1

I used the two bin bags to line the den and give the lights a backdrop! I pegged the top, sides and back of the bags to the picket fence.  I used the pegs that were on the top to loop the lights around.  All that was needed then was music, a dark room and two excited babies!

baby disco den 5baby disco den 6We know that babies learn through their senses and this activity lead G and her cousin M to use their senses with lots of enjoyment! They also found it relaxing and both fell fast asleep after the activity. The visual element to this activity obviously out weighed the other senses but developing our babies eye sight and their ability to track objects is vital.  I moved the fibre optic light around so that G and M could follow the light with their eyes.

baby disco den 0disco den 12There was then the tactile element.  M is able to sit unaided and was able to help herself to the butterflies.  At one point, she was shaking the butterflies so much, G was looking around in shock! She enjoyed it though.  I moved the fibre optic closer to both G and M to allow them to feel it as it has a lovely texture to it and is obviously easy for them to grab – rather like a clump of Mummy’s hair that they so like to grab!

baby disco den 7

In the light of day, it is, without doubt rather an ugly den but as soon as the room is dark, the music is playing and the lights are switched on, it does become rather magical and very soothing for baby and the supervising adults too!!

As mentioned in previous post ‘A Useful Resource – Glove Puppets,’ music is so powerful to develop the links on both sides of baby’s brain, so any opportunity to play some music should be taken!

I really recommend this activity, it’s not difficult to set up and the beauty of the picket fence I used, is that it concertinas closed for easy storage!

Hope you enjoy your Baby Disco Den and please do post some photo’s of your versions!


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