A Picnic on a Rainy Day


Children love the simple things just as much as those that require a little bit of effort! On this rainy Friday, the night after G had me up several times – simplicity was essential! I decided we should have a picnic! As the weather is far from desirable at the moment, we had our picnic in the sitting room.  J laid the picnic blanket while I made the lunch (easy gross motor development opportunity)!

pinic ideas

After eating our lunch and having a lovely chat about ‘The Jungle Book’ (we watched it this morning), we developed our fine motor skills by making silly faces with our biscuit and raisins! Just to continue with the theme of recognising his name, I formed ‘Josh’ in raisins! Impressively, he said, “that’s my name!”  Of course, we then ate our biscuits and raisins all up!  Once lunch was polished off, we had a cuddle and read some lovely stories together!  Perfect, precious picnic!


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