Balls precious play

For those of you who have read my post of ‘Baby discovery,’ you will know I was set a challenge, by my sister, to use these plastic balls in a Blog! Well, this is the second post with them in sis!! Winking smile  They are those ones found in supermarket doorways and family friendly pubs!  First things first, I opened the balls and ditched the toys – actually I put them in J’s recycling basket, next to his art station, so he can ‘use them to make something!’  Next, I filled one with a few pasta shells, one with rice, one with pompoms, a couple with stones and left the others empty.  I love collecting different colour and interesting balls whenever I am shopping! If I see one I haven’t got, I get it! I have used them for several games with both G and J and actually am now loving them!

For J, I gave him a tub of water, the balls and an apron! Discovery time…

‘The face’ in the photo below is because I said, “Don’t touch it yet, I want a photo!’  He had to wait all of two seconds – the ‘threenage’ years are in full swing!!

floating and sinking

As soon as the first ball went in, J started using the appropriate language naturally without force or prompting! “Look it’s floating Mummy!!!”


J loved the ‘slinking’ balls best!  I told J that the word was actually ‘sinking’ and after a few times of me repeating the word correctly after he used it, he was saying the word properly.  Although it is cute when they mispronounce a word, I would definitely never repeat the word back to them how they say it, as we need to model how to say words correctly!

floating and sinking 2

J decided he wanted to know, which ball made the biggest splash.  He ‘predicted’ that the biggest ball would!  He is already following lines of scientific enquiry – clever boy!! Winking smile   After lots of splashing, he ‘concluded’ that it was actually the heaviest ball, which wasn’t the biggest, that made the biggest splash! He thought this was great and repeated what he did to Daddy SEVERAL times that night! Hahaha!

floating 3

When children are discovering, I think it is important that they have a say in what to use! Therefore, when J wanted to put feathers and his dinosaur in the tub, I said, ‘of course!’  He wanted to know if they would float or sink! He thought the feathers would sink, this goes to show, if we do not give children these experiences through play, how will they make reasoned predictions at school?  J thought the feather looked like a surf board on the water so started pretending to surf with his fingers – until the dinosaur attacked the surf board- obviously!!

floating 5

As with all J’s water play, it wasn’t long before bubbles were requested! Well, why not? J loves watching how the bubbles respond to his hands, blowing them and generally throwing them around!floating and sinking5

The best discovery play is following where the children want to go with it! They will find out what they need to find out and learn what they are ready to learn! That is why play is SO precious!

floating 2

What did J learn?

  • Self-confidence and self-awareness: J was confident to try new activities, talk about his ideas and chose the resources he needed.
  • The world: J spoke about the features of his experience.
  • J was curios and interested about the game and whilst exploring through play J showed his learning and understanding of the materials and objects.
  • J investigated, noticed changes and communicated about what was happening and why.
  • J learned new vocabulary and how to say words correctly.

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