Baby Colour Carnival

colour carnival

Baby G had her injections this morning, so I thought she deserved some cheering up with colour!!  I used many of the activities I’ve used before and a few new ones (see further down the post)!  I also, ‘freshened up’ an old activity to keep G interested!  Obviously, it is not essential to get everything out in one go but I find getting out several things for G saves me getting up and down twenty times as, let’s face it, baby’s attention span is not very long!  G loves seeing all the things around her though and against the black sheet (my new purchase from Ebay – £2.00), the colours look gorgeous!  I  just wanted to say, I NEVER leave baby alone with any of these activities!!

Previously Posted Activities:

To freshen up the ‘Baby Grab and Pull’ game, I twisted two fluffy pipe cleaners and replaced the materials previously in the holes with the new, twisty colours!! (Please be careful with these as they have wire in them, as long as you fold the ends over, it’s soft at the end for baby to touch.)

baby grab carnivalbaby grab1

G still loves her ‘Baby Rainbow’ and to think this windmill only cost £1. Unbelievable!


G really enjoys listening to these home-made shakers and she was mesmerized by the new ball!

balls carnivalI have talked about these scarves so many times and I literally use them every day! G and J love them; can’t recommend them highly enough!  They cost around £8.99 for 10 large scarves! Contact me for the link.  Today we played peekaboo with them! Babies begin to anticipate what is coming next after a game is repeated and they find this thoroughly entertaining as they let out giggles of joy!

baby scarvesbaby carnival

New Activities:

Rainbow Treasure

I will be writing a whole collection of posts about ‘Treasure Baskets’ next week so I will not go into too much detail now!  This is a bright, textured pencil case from local craft shop and I’m loving using it as a sensory treasure ‘basket!’ G enjoyed it even before it was open due to the colours, soft feel of the material on her hands and the crinkly sound it made when we handled it!  The sound was due to the silver foil inside!  The first thing to be pulled out was the shimmery foil! After it was flung, crinkled, sucked on and tossed aside, G spotted the luscious, purple feathers! I let her explore them and then I tickled her hands, face and feet to let G experience the sense of touch!

rainbow treasurerainbow treasure 2

Babies should be given the opportunity to touch, see, taste and hear stories! I am in process of writing a post about books so will talk about this more there.   I like to try and link the books we’re looking at to an activity, where possible, and as so much of our play is around colour at the moment, I jumped on this Rainbow board book yesterday! (It’s by Sainsbury’s £3.50). G really enjoyed flicking the pages and looking at the colours in the book.

baby reading

As I’ve mentioned before, G loves pulling things, so this doll has proved very popular with her raggy, colourful hair!  For different texture, I gave baby G a rainbow coloured piece of foam from craft shop as she likes grabbing, bending and twisting it and is good to lick too!

rag doll rainbowtexture


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