Nurturing a Love of Books

As stated in my previous post, I was asked a week or so ago, by one of the Facebook followers to compile a reading list for an 18 month old baby. After much thought about the best way to write this post, I decided to compile a list for a specific age group, is just impossible! Not because there aren’t ‘technically’, age appropriate books, there are – it is just that every child is so different and I would hate to make a parent worry because their child isn’t ready for a book of a so-called ‘typical’ 18 month old baby! Also, there are those children who will be ready for ‘meatier’ books sooner than their chronological age might indicate!

Therefore, what I have done is compiled an example of the type of books children need to experience at different stages of development! You, as their first and most important educator, will know when your child is ready for the next stage! After all, at this point, nobody knows your babies better than you do!

This particular post is focussed on the third stage of books after the ‘Developing a Love of Books’ section!  I’ve taken photographs of the range of books to show you what they look like so when you’re out and about, you’ll recognise them!

As well as still enjoying and reading the books in the last section and more like them, here are more types of books for your little ones…

Traditional Stories:

It always amazed me when children would come into Reception class having never heard, ‘Little Red Riding Hood,’ or the ‘Gingerbread Man,’ or any of the traditional stories! These stories are classics and so many of the new stories are modernised versions of these! These books are magical and MUST reads!  J loves these stories and we have so much fun retelling them with small world toys! Retelling and sequencing stories is a good skill to develop and my next project for the ‘Love Books’ category of the blog will be about follow on activities and games after reading a book.books 23Modern Classics:

These stories are in every Early Years Classroom and rightly so!  The story ‘There was an old woman who swallowed a fly’ below has been completely re-written and modernised (she no longer dies!) and I actually really like it!  These stories are another set of MUST reads for your little ones!books13Following Their Interests:

J is very interested in certain things at the moment: robots; dinosaurs; pirates and pants! This collection of books is being read a lot right now and following your child’s interests is a great and easy way to nurture their love of reading!

books 15Poetry:

After sharing lots of nursery rhymes and learning them by heart, J is now ready for different poetry.  I found Julia Donaldson’s book, ‘Wriggle and Roar’ and is it fantastic! books 20

Continuing With the Love of Julia D:

As mentioned in the previous post, we love Julia but J is ready for ‘meatier’ more detailed books and luckily, Julia has plenty! This is not all of our Julia collection; I was a little embarrassed to put them all on actually!! books16

The Moral of the Story is…

Whether it be learning about using the potty, sharing, tidying up or eating politely, books are great at getting a point across!  They can teach children so much and it is easier to read a story and then discuss why we should tidy up our toys than just ranting on at them!books21

About the World:

Just as teaching children a moral, whether non-fiction like ‘The Solar System’ or fiction based on a real thing, ‘The hungry Caterpillar,’ books are invaluable for teaching children about the world around them.  Non-fiction books are often forgotten about in home book collections which is a shame as children need to know that you can find real information from books.books24Imagination:

Books that take the reader on a magical, imagination roller coaster are fantastic for play!  It can inspire so much creativity and imaginative role play and there’s no greater way to inspire a child to get into character!  The language that comes from these sorts of stories is also amazing as it encourages them to talk about their senses, feeling and emotions!books22More Text:

The ‘Nurture a Love of Books’ section is very much where J is at the moment.  We have just bought this book below which has a LOT of text in and fewer pictures.  It was actually a little experiment to see if J would still sit and listen to the story… I would say this is actually the next stage of enjoying books but as J has only dipped a toe in this area, I just thought I would introduce it.  When J is fully immersed in the next stage, I will write about it, until then… Read and Enjoy!books26books30

This stage is all about developing language further, enjoyment and LOVING books!  If nothing else, all I would say is read EVERY day!


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