Developing a Love of Reading

As stated in my previous post, I was asked a week or so ago, by one of the Facebook followers to compile a reading list for an 18 month old baby. After much thought about the best way to write this post, I decided to compile a list for a specific age group, is just impossible! Not because there aren’t ‘technically’, age appropriate books, there are – it is just that every child is so different and I would hate to make a parent worry because their child isn’t ready for a book of a so-called ‘typical’ 18 month old baby! Also, there are those children who will be ready for ‘meatier’ books sooner than their chronological age might indicate!

Therefore, what I have done is compiled an example of the type of books children need to experience at different stages of development! You, as their first and most important educator, will know when your child is ready for the next stage! After all, at this point, nobody knows your babies better than you do!

This particular post is focused on the second stage of books after the ‘Reading from Birth’ section!  As mentioned before, I’ve taken photographs of the range of books to show you what they look like so when you’re out and about, you’ll recognise them!

Nursery Rhymes and Songs:

Children enjoy singing and for their development (making connections on both sides of their brain) it is so important.  There are so many ways we can expose our children to nursery rhymes but I think it is very important to make one of these ways, through a book.  I love the musical sing-along books below as it’s great seeing babies bop their head to the music.


Stories With Familiar Settings:

This stage is all about developing children’s love of books.  Children love their families more than anything else in the world, so why not use stories about familiar things when reading a book?  There are so many books about Mummy and Daddy, and this is a good way to use everyday language too.


TV Books:

I have said in previous posts and I really do believe that there is no point fighting against the TV! Children love it and I genuinely think they can learn an awful lot from it!  We might as well use it then to develop our children’s love of books! Children, whatever age, get excited when they recognise a character from the TV on the front of a book! They automatically want it! Whether the books or the TV programmes, came first is irrelevant, as long as they want to read, that’s all that matters.  My personal favourite are the Charlie and Lola stories, I really like the way they are written.  My husband, on the other hand, can’t stand them.  We have had this discussion with J, which is very good for J’s language development!  J and I were in agreement though, they are fab!


Pattern, Rhyming and Repetitive Books:

This type of book is an essential for every child.  Children need to know about rhyming and need to be able to rhyme (eventually)!  In order to help them with this, stories with rhymes and patterns are fantastic.  Our children all have those books that they like to hear over and over and over again! Although this might make us groan, it is actually very good for them.  After hearing a story lots of times, they are able to join in with the odd word here and there or even recite the WHOLE story word for word!! This has come in very handy since having G! If J wants a story, I can recite ‘Some dogs do,’ ‘We’re going on a bear hunt,’ ‘Monkey Puzzle’ without even looking at the book.  I am available for hire if needed (hahaha)! When J was around the age of one, ‘Penguin’ by Polly Dunbar was his absolute favourite!  This was the first book, J was able to say the odd word when listening to it.  We still love that book now.

books 12

Books From a Series:

Just as children love the familiarity of books about their loved ones or characters from a TV programme, having books from a series is another way of giving them this feeling of security.  They like to know the characters in the book – I think it makes them feel safe and free to enjoy the story.

books 14

Loving an Author:

Our ‘obsession’, and adoration for Julia Donaldson books started a very long time ago! Luckily for us, Julia D has a wide range of books, ranging from the very simple to the more detailed so we’re growing with her.  I’m sure we’re not the only ones who think she is amazing!  Loving an author is such a positive thing and because we talk about Julia D being our favourite author, J knows an author is a person who writes a book!books 17

Home-Made Books:

Children are self-obsessed! I do not mean this in a bad way, it is a natural part of them discovering who they are! They want to know all about themselves and this is a positive thing.   Therefore, having books in their book baskets all about themselves is a great way to deepen their love of books further.  So far, I have made three books. P1050484 The first one is ‘My time in Mummy’s Tummy.’  This book has photographs of the day we found out they were in Mummy’s tummy, scan photo’s and photo’s of Mummy’s ever expanding tummy!  With the photo’s are short sentences about the what was happening and J loves having a cuddle and reading through this book! I wonder if they’ll be any more added to this book in time??

books36The second book is called, ‘Christmas and Birthday’s’ book; this is a couple of photographs from each year and is obviously a work in progress.  books33books35

The third book is called, ‘Special Days’ and includes things such as his aunt’s wedding.  J loves to sit and look at these books and they are fantastic for talking about his experiences, memories and having a reminisce!

If nothing else, the key is to read every day, enjoy books and share them together!

To read about the next stage, click here… ‘Nurturing a Love of Books



  1. We adore reading in our house and have piles and piles of books. My eldest son is 5 (nearly 6) and his very favourite author is Shirley Hughes. We used eBay to purchase her titles currently out of stock so that we could complete our collection. We also love Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs, mr men books, Winnie the witch and anything by Enid blyton xxx

    1. We love Shirley Hughes too – Dogger is my favourite! Harry and bucketful of dinosaurs are also lovely books and great for the imagination. I must admit, I find the Mr Men books quite boring but my son loves them!! Isn’t it funny how our children develop their own taste so quickly! My favourite Enid Blyton is The folk of the farraway tree- that was my favourite book as a child! Thanks so much for sharing Kate and glad we’re not the only family obsessed!!

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