Baby Paddle

This builder’s tray is used all the time in our house for small world creations and messy play! I will, at some point, get some ideas for using these trays on the blog but until then – here’s what we used it for yesterday! (You can get these trays from any builder’s merchants and they cost under £20.  I don’t know any school or nursery that doesn’t have at least one of these!)

J and Daddy have been camping in our back garden and G joined J in the ‘river’ for a paddle! At first,  I splashed my fingers in the water so G could see what she was sitting in!  After a couple of minutes, G started to stretch out for the fish, wave them around, put them back under the water and rub it on her leg!  The fish were made out of the rubber non-slip matting and it has a lovely sensory feel!

baby paddle2baby paddle 14 baby paddle3

After a while, J being J, decided he needed to catch all the fish so G was left with an empty tray! Poor girl!  She’ll get her revenge one day, I’m sure of that! Winking smile

I went and put some more water in the tray, cut up some tissue paper into small squares and sprinkled them on the water!! It looked so inviting and G loved it! Obviously, you couldn’t leave baby alone with these bits of tissue paper but you can’t leave them with the water anyway, so it is fine!

baby paddle 4

G liked it when the paper stuck to Mummy’s fingers and tried to take the pieces off!

baby paddle8

G is really enjoying the ‘feel of her feet’ right now and she liked having a good splash in the water too!  J thought is was very funny when G had paper stuck to her legs and used it as an excuse to get in too! Told you it was inviting!

baby paddle14baby paddle11

After a while, I thought, how am I going to clean up this soggy paper? Then I had a brain wave and got a mini sieve from the kitchen! I set J the task of ‘fishing out’ the paper and putting it into a box!! Smile Not only did this save me a job but it is great for developing J’s hand muscles!! Happy Mummy and happy J!!  As you can see in the photo below, whilst I was collecting the sieve, J added lots of grass as he was ‘making a potion!!’  NOT AGAIN!!! Hahaha!  Hope you like this simple, yet lovely sensory experience for baby! An easy addition to any paddling pool!!

baby paddle 8


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