Baby Creature

I wanted to create a toy for G that would stimulate all the senses.  I also wanted something that would offer a different experience based on her position or whether we were inside or outside! It sounds like a lot to ask for but all that was needed was a black, fluffy pencil case, a variety of ribbons and some sharp scissors.

baby minibeast

First, I lay the ribbons I wanted across the pencil case to make sure there would be enough and so that I could line them up properly. Picking up each ribbon individually, I tied a double knot in the middle of each piece so that, once threaded through the pencil case, the ribbon would not be able to be pulled out as the knot would stop it!

baby minibeast.jpg1

Next, I carefully pierced two holes on either side of the pencil case for his piece of ribbon to be threaded through.

baby minibeast.jpg2

Once that was done it looked like the picture below…

baby minibeast.jpg3

To add my sound element to the sensory experience, I filled the inside of the case with some shiny, crinkly foil material and did up the zip.. Now, when the pencil case is moved or squashed, it makes a great sound.

baby minibeast.jpg5

For the finishing touch, I added some eyes on to make it look like a creature as G loves faces and it looks cute!  This is not essential and you should be careful with the eyes and baby!

baby minibeast.jpg6

Inside the house, G loved the watching the ‘dangly’ ribbons…

baby minibeast.jpg8

… and giving those ribbons a good pull and taste…

baby minibeast.jpg9

Once she realised how good it was to pull the ribbons, she pulled them as they dangled too!!

baby minibeast.jpg10

Outside in the garden, the ribbons blowing in the wind, got G SO unbelievably excited! We had giggles, smiles, kicking, flapping arms… she LOVED it! New favourite toy I believe and SO easy to make!

baby creature


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