I was made VERY aware by my sister that I have a huge gap in my play ideas!! What about those one and two year old children out there??? I will, therefore, be making every effort to make it more explicit when an activity suits those lovely one and two year old kiddies!! Little E here was one in May and from now on will definitely be trying out some of the game ideas!! PROMISE!

Another Treasure Box idea and this is all about discovery!  I know E likes to be busy so I tried to fit as much ‘stuff’ in this discovery treasure box as I could! We have all seen treasure boxes related to household items, shiny things, wooden objects, natural materials and so on but I wanted to try some new ideas! Therefore, lots of my treasure baskets will have a discovery theme! This particular Treasure Box is ‘Discover Velcro!’  Children enjoy the mere task of taking things out and putting items back in again so whether E explored the Velcro element first time round was irrelevant! Treasure Baskets/Boxes can be interpreted however a child wants to!  There is no right or wrong!  The great thing about Treasure Baskets/Boxes is that your children will play with them differently each time, discovering something new! It may be three or four times before E ‘discovers’ the stickiness of Velcro but the fact the open ended play is there with planned learning opportunities available too is fantastic and WAY better than any plastic toy!!

Discover velcro

Whether we use baskets or boxes, doesn’t really matter but I do think it is nice for whatever you use to have a lid so there is a ‘reveal’ element for the child playing with it! It is the small things children appreciate and they will all appreciate a lid!

Discover velcro.jpg2

In the box, I had some Velcro hair rollers, a purse with a Velcro flap, some balls (on which I had stuck some Velcro) and some pieces of colourful felt, cut into shapes.  The felt offered E the opportunity to discover that they stuck to the Velcro and cutting them into shapes allows for a future development on the activity; talking about shape and colour.

Discover velcro.jpg3

E began by immediately emptying the box, once she’d done that,  she dived for the balls and began examining them and pointing at the Velcro dots. She associated the balls, recognising they were the same and began banging them together.  Then she began throwing them, she ‘counted’ (1,2,3 weeeeee) saying, ‘der, der, der, weeee’ and threw the ball.

treasure.jpg9 playtreasure11

Then she picked up the larger rollers and showing me, immediately said, ‘what’s that?’ She was then just looking at it and decided to try and put a ball inside. She often puts items inside of things – she’s learned this from shape toys etc. Deciding it didn’t fit, she opted to put the balls back in the box.


She opened the pouch with the smaller rolls inside and took them all out. Then, in the second round of playing, she started working hard on putting the rollers in and out of the pouch; lots of heavy breathing and concentration .


E will, without doubt, enjoy lots of future play and discovery from this Treasure Box and it is suitable from about one year and up! I know J (aged 3) would still play with it!  This, in itself, is the huge plus of Treasure Baskets!


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