J really enjoys exploring an interesting box and the box we used here (pictured below) is like a bird’s house and has a magnetic roof as the lid! J loves it! When I’m out and about, I’m always on the look out for an interesting box/basket as they make great Treasure Boxes.  J has seen his name everywhere just lately as I have purposely incorporated it into games and activities so he is able to recognise it.  J is confidently able to recognise his name now and whenever he sees a ‘J’ (on signs or on a book) he says, ‘That’s J for Joshua.’  Therefore, J is now ready for the next stage of learning to form his name; not writing it yet, but learning the order in which the letters appear.

I simply got an interesting box and the letters from his name (foam, sand moulds, wooden and magnetic) and put them in the treasure box.  I have also recently had a wooden jigsaw made as this will be PERFECT for J to play with and learn to put the letters in his name in the correct order. The jigsaw didn’t go in the box,  it acted as a permanent prop to aid J in ordering the letters in his name as well as it being there to play with obviously.

Name box

This photo below shows how I presented J with this Treasure Box and he couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

Name box.jpg2

J opened the box and was delighted that the first letter he pulled out was a ‘s.’

Name box.jpg3

J made the sound ‘s’ and then matched it to the ‘s’ in his name.

Name box.jpg4

I left J to it as I needed to feed G.  When I got back he had moved into the front room with the box.  I was astonished at what he had done and absolutely delighted!! He had emptied the contents on the floor and matched the letters putting foam letters together in a pile and so on!  I went and got the Jigsaw for him as he’d left it on the table.  I said, ‘Do you think you could make your name with those letters now?’  He nodded and when I came back into the room he had done this…

Name box.jpg6

My little clever boy!! Smile Since the first play, I have left the activity as a play station on his table!  He has been to and from it all week and I must say, it has been really good for him and he loves it.  This is a lovely, easy treasure basket for any child learning to order the letters in their name!


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