Over the weekend, we went to Legoland (Windsor) and had a fantastic time! As well as this, we stayed in a hotel (which J thought was AMAZING) and we also visited family in Covent Garden.  All in all, J had a blast, so what better way to recover from the busy weekend than to relive it all over again?! To create the small world, ‘Mini Legoland’ I used some of J’s small world toys, Lego, sand, shells and a London bus! I used our builder’s tray to create the small world!  Creating small worlds of experiences your child has encountered, is fantastic for developing their speaking and listening skills, using and rehearsing new words from a new experience (e.g reception, check in, exhausted etc) and they love to take on the role of Mummy and Daddy! Why don’t you have a go at creating a family day out, holiday or weekend away and see how much fun they have?

mini legikand

To begin our play, J and I created a hotel with his lego! We included a reception area, two hotel rooms and a restaurant!


Next, we talked about J’s favourite parts of the weekend and top of the list was Legoland’s Duplo Valley Splash!  We have this lovely Playmobil toy and it was perfect to recreate Duplo Valley and includes lots of lovely splashy water just like to real thing!

mini legoland

J watched and helped me create the small world but he still said ‘wow’ when he saw it completed!  He said to Millie, (the dog!) ‘Welcome to Legoland’ and then he got straight in!

mini legoland.jpg2

The great things about the builder’s tray is that it contains a small world beautifully but is big enough for a child to get in or several children to play around!

mini legoland.jpg3

J loved using the language he used whilst away for the weekend and pretending to be Mummy and Daddy – boy do we nag him a lot!! haha!mini legoland.jpg4

Small world play is superb for developing language and communication skills! A huge bonus also, is the characters being so small, means fine motor skills are also being exercised! J, in the photo below, is towel drying the children after going to Duplo Valley and saying, ‘You can’t have your lunch if you’re not dry properly! Stand still!’  Told you we nagged a lot!

mini legoland.jpg5

For those people who have been to Legoland, you’re probably wondering why we have a beach!! (Unless we missed it, there isn’t one!)  When we were talking about the best part of the weekend, I asked J if there was anything he wished we had done that we hadn’t and he said, ‘go to the beach!’ Well I can’t have J disappointed, so we created a beach with some lovely shells hidden in!

mini legoland.jpg6

The funny thing was, because we didn’t actually go to the beach, neither did J’s characters! He played with the sand and looked at the shells but the small world characters were not allowed to go! J was delighted when he found a shell that looked like an ‘ice-cream’ cone and examined it very closely.

mini legoland.jpg7

After looking at the shell for ages, he turned it the other way and began drawing in the sand, using it as a writing implement!

mini legoland.jpg8.jpg0

He also used the shells as the eyes and nose in his drawing! I can’t quite work out the face myself, but he pointed out the eyes, nose and mouth, so he knew what was what!mini legoland.jpg8

After all that ‘hard work’ J declared they were ‘exhausted’ and went to ‘check in’ to the hotel!  They looked in their room and then went for a meal!  It is so funny hearing J interpret things you have said to him! He remembers EVERYTHING!!mini legoland.jpg8.jpg0.jpg1

What did J learn?

  • Speaking and Listening
  • Developing and rehearsing new language from new experiences
  • Developing fine motor skills manipulating small characters and props
  • Recreating and role playing experiences
  • Sequencing events

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