Baby Box (One Box, Five Games)

Using just one box, I have made baby G five different activities that will be suitable for her as she grows! I must admit, I’m quite delighted with it! First I got a long, thin,empty cardboard box. On one side I cut out 3 square shapes as seen in photo (top left), on the other side I cut out 3 flaps (top right) and on either end I cut out a small hole (bottom left).  I then covered the box in different colour felt.  If you like the look of activity number 4, it needs to be felt, if not you can cover it in paper.  Finally, I gathered all the bits necessary for each activity.  Some of them are a little too tricky for G right now as she isn’t able to sit unaided and her ability to hold slightly heavier objects is still developing.  The first activity though was why I made this box today.  The other games will be great for her within the next couple of months and beyond!

baby box (2)

Activity 1  ‘Baby Puppet Pop-Up’:  (Suitable from around two months old and way beyond)

You will need:

  • The baby box
  • 3 teddies/puppets or home-made stick puppets

baby box

Because of the flap holes directly underneath the open holes, I was able to use the baby box as a kind of jack in the box/ puppet show.  G loved watching the bears and due to her stage in development, when the bears went inside the box, G looked away as they’d gone! As she gets older, she will begin to anticipate that the teddies will pop back up.  Then there is the element of surprise and wondering which hole teddy will pop out of!


baby box.jpg9

G loved this game and got very excited every time the bear popped up!

baby box (2).jpg8

Activity 2 ‘Baby Post’: (suitable once sitting unaided and way beyond)

You will need:

  • The baby box
  • Bright and colourful objects to post

Children love putting ‘stuff’ in things, so this baby box provides baby with the opportunity to post things.  I gave G the wooden rings from her stacker toy as she likes to try and hold these and she likes the colours.  Posting these in any of the holes is great for baby development.  Babies need to learn about object permanence and understand that just because an object is out of sight, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist any more! The element of sound is also good here as when the wooden objects land inside the box, there is a thud!

baby box.jpg5baby box.jpg6

As G didn’t manage to post any objects, I did some for her as she held the box, she enjoyed the thud sound as it landed and the rattle as the box moved.  She’ll soon be doing this for herself and I will definitely update this post when she does.

baby box.jpg6.jpg7

Activity 3 ‘Baby Jingle Pull’: (suitable from when baby can grab and pull)

You will need:

  • The baby box
  • String with metal objects such as paper clips and bull dog clips threaded on.

I threaded the string through the two holes at the end and lay the box next to G.  It wasn’t long before G grabbed onto it and started pulling.  I pulled on the other side and the jingle jangle began! G was so excited that her pull was making a sound and the concept of understanding cause and effect begins!

baby box (2).jpg0

Activity Four ‘ Baby discovery’:

You will need:

  • The baby box
  • Velcro hair rollers and woolly pompoms

G is definitely too young at the moment for this activity but in a couple of months she’ll love it.  For G today, I simple rolled the velcro roller along the felt,  G enjoyed the sound of it sticking and unsticking to the felt and also developed her eye tracking ability as she followed the roller with her eyes.

baby box.jpg2

When she is old enough, she will be able to stick the Velcro to the felt and the pompoms to the Velcro! It will be the  her first ‘discovering properties of different materials!’ A true scientist! Winking smile

baby box.jpg3

Activity 5 ‘Baby Boo’: (suitable from around 9 months old)

You will need:

  • The baby box
  • objects to go inside

The idea of this is for your baby to lift the flap/lid to reveal the contents of each section. Babies love to look inside and take things out, so this will soon be a real winner!  As some of these activities are too old for G right now, I will definitely update this post as she is able to play ALL the games!! Until then, I’d love to see your versions of this baby box and your babies playing with them!! Happy playing!

baby box.jpg4


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