Ice Painting

In  this scorching weather, there are only a few things that can cool our little ones down!! Ice is most certainly top of our list at the moment! It’s just SO hot!  This afternoon we have been doing some ice painting! Yesterday, I simply filled some ice trays with water and dropped in some paint to each section.  Some of the colours ran into each other but that didn’t matter! I popped them in the freezer and today, they look almost good enough to eat!! We didn’t, don’t worry; instead we did some painting!

ice painting

For each painting, J laid two sheets of white paper in a cat litter tray to line the bottom!  This acted as his canvas!

ice painting.jpg4

He then tipped some ice-cubes on to the paper and loved the splats it made as they landed; including on himself, grass and everything else near by!

ice painting.jpg2ice painting.jpg1.jpg4

J decided he would pick up the tray and slide the ice around to make the picture! I had envisaged that he would move them around with his hands or maybe feet but J likes to be organised and tidy and opted for this method instead!

ice painting.jpg3

He made some lovely colours oohing and aahing as the colours mixed!

ice painting.jpg1

When we paint inside or outside, we use our ‘underwear’ dryer! It makes a great painting dryer! Just make sure if inside you have something on the floor to catch the drips!  Using this gives J’s fingers a work out as he has to peg the paintings on and to do that, he needs to use his pincer grip!

ice painting.jpg5

J also developed  his gross motor skills to tip and fling the ice into the trays!

ice painting.jpg6

J talked about the ice melting so quickly because it was hot and how it turns into water! This was a great opportunity to explain that it actually started as water and froze into ice!

ice painting.jpg10

Once J had finished his paintings, he watched the ice melting in the tray and within one minute, had found himself a spoon and started to make…ice painting.jpg7

… a potion of course!! Winking smile

ice painting.jpg9

Here are some of J’s dried paintings! I think they’re lovely and he decided he will use them to make cards for his family – just to ‘say I love them Mummy!’  He is adorable!!

ice painting.jpg11

What did J learn?

  • Observing changes in the state of materials, defrosting ice melting into water.
  • Exploring materials using all of his senses and talking about their characteristics.
  • Using new words and talking about what he is doing.
  • Fine motor and gross motor development.
  • Being creative and interpreting materials and how best to create his art work.

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