Inspired by one of the followers on Precious Play Facebook page, I decided to make Pirate Ice Adventure in J’s builder’s tray today! I told J a story from my head about a group of pirates who were looking for some treasure! They came across a magical dragon who could breathe ice; whenever he took a breath, everything around him froze!  So when the pirate came upon where the treasure should be, instead they found a treasure block of ice!  They very much needed J’s help to get all the gold coins out!  J was SO excited!!  As well as lots of fun, imaginative play, fine and gross motor development, scientific understanding about changes in state, it was also a fantastic way to cool down.

pirate ice adventure

To make the Pirate Ice Adventure I simply put some sand in the tray, J’s pirate ship and characters, J’s toy dragon, some shredded sparkly foil and the block of frozen treasure!

pirate ice adventure.jpg2

To make the frozen treasure, I put the shredded foil and coins in a baking tin, filled it with water and popped it in the freezer.

Pirate Icepirate ice adventure.jpg3

J decided he would start on the ice block by spraying it with water.  He thought if lots of water touched it, then it would melt!  Not only is this is great for J’s fine motor skills and developed his grip but lovely for explaining his reasoning and making predictions about what may happen.

pirate ice adventure.jpg5

He then started attacking the treasure with a spoon and managed to get a couple of coins out!

pirate ice adventure.jpg51

J also said that he needed to take the ice out as it was too dirty to melt! He proceeded to clean the sand from the ice using the sprayer!

pirate ice adventure.jpg7

After a while and lots of discussion about what makes ice melt, J came up with the idea of putting the ice in the sun! Clever boy!

pirate ice adventure.jpg9

J was delighted as the ice started to melt because he could dig the coins out! He then collected his treasure box and started to put the coins in there.

pirate ice adventure.jpg88

Including the shredded foil in the ice added another great sensory aspect to the game as it looked like fluffy ice and J tried very hard to pull it out!

pirate ice adventure.jpg10

What did J learn?

  • Imaginative play and getting into character.
  • Observing changes in the state of materials, defrosting ice melting into water.
  • Exploring materials using all of his senses and talking about their characteristics.
  • Using new words and talking about what he is doing.
  • Fine motor and gross motor development.

One thought on “Pirate Ice Adventure

  1. Wonderful idea!!love the story and theme you put with it! I froze a couple of toys with my little boy the other day, but nothing as exciting as pirates and dragons, and no treasure at the end!! Will definitely have to try this! Wonderful idea!

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