Super Simple Water Play Activities for the Bath or Paddling Pool!

I was asked (via the Facebook page) a couple of days ago for some ideas to play in the bath.  The only issue is, we don’t actually have a bath! J has a shower and G just goes in the baby bath.  So for arguments sake, imagine our paddling pool is a bath! The reality is, these activities could happen in bath or paddling pool anyway!

water play 001

Activity 1: Caution! Only Scientists Allowed!

Water Play10

You will need:

  • LOTS of bubbles
  • Tongs
  • Squeezy bottles (one with mixture of food colouring and water one with water and bubbles)
  • Ice cube tray
  • Measuring spoons
  • Safety mask
  • Measuring jug
  • Food colouring
  • Sugar
  • Syringe
  • a plant pot with holes at the bottom

Water play.jpg11

J put on his mask and emptied the tray into the pool. He briefly investigated all of the tools to see what they would do…

Water play.jpg13

He then began scooping up the bubbles very gently as he ‘only wanted the bubbles not the water in the jug.’

Water play.jpg17

J’s favourite ‘tool’ was the fairy liquid bottle as he loved squeezing it below the surface of the water and creating more and bigger bubbles.

Water play.jpg18

J started dropping in some of the food colouring onto the bubbles and talked about how the yellow and blue mixed and made the water green.

Water play.jpg20

J wasn’t impressed with the red food colouring squeezey bottle as it didn’t make the bubbles red, so he unscrewed the top and tipped all the red water in!

Water play.jpg21

Before long, the water was an interesting colour, but J absolutely loved it!   He needed to wear his mask so that the ‘bubbles didn’t go up his nose!!’Water play.jpg121

J played with the plant pot for ages! He just loved the fact he flowed out of the three holes and did it over and over again.

Water play.jpg141

Activity 2: Collect the Eggs.

You will need:

  • ping pong balls
  • small sieve
  • dishWater play

Given how simple this game was, J played it for a very long time.  He liked the fact the ping pong balls (or eggs) floated on the water.

Water play.jpg1

Each time J collected all the eggs, he would throw them back into the water, counting them as he did so with one-to-one correspondence.

Water play.jpg2

The great thing about water play is tipping it all over your head to cool you down! Well, J thinks so anyway!

Water play.jpg3

This activity is fantastic for J’s motor skills…

Water play.jpg4

Activity 3: A Floating Tea Party

You will need:

  • a tray
  • plastic play tea cups
  • various tea pots, jugs
  • plastic tray

J loves making people a cuppa! So, a floating tea party was a must!  Water play.jpg6

Before J would even touch the tray, he was amazed that the tray and all it’s contents were floating!  ‘Why is it  floating Mummy?’

Water play.jpg5

J then went on to make me and G several cups of tea and coffee!

Water play.jpg7

As the water started to go on the tray, it began to sink and this was another point of discussion! ‘Why is it sinking Mummy?’

Water play.jpg8

J loved watching the spout pour out water and dipping his head below it…

Water play.jpg9

More ideas to come tomorrow…

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