Baby Sensory Bath

At the moment, G is just able to sit up with a bit of support. Therefore, putting her in or near a sensory tub isn’t an option.  Luckily, her baby bath, which has sitting and lying moulds, is perfect for sensory play.  This sensory bath didn’t involve any water so no worry of water all over the sitting room carpet! The sensory bath consisted of shredded, shiny foil (used for gift bags/boxes) , a few sensory balls and four rubber ducks with suckers on stuck to the side! All that was needed then was a few songs from J and I and Baby G had a great time.  Easy!

Baby Sensory Bath

G watched me set up the bath and her arms started flapping with excitement!  As soon as she got in, she started pulling and tugging at the shredded foil.

Baby Sensory Bath.jpg2

G really enjoyed pulling off the ducks from the side of the bath, watching Mummy stick them back on again and then pulling them off… and so on!

Baby Sensory Bath.jpg3

G liked exploring the sensory balls we have and throwing these into the bath was always going to be a winner! She is starting to get quite good at holding the balls now and likes to try and out them in her mouth.

Baby Sensory Bath.jpg4Baby Sensory Bath.jpg5

After all this sensory discover, with a particular focus on the sense of touch, G was treated to a few songs! J and I started with ‘Five little ducks went swimming…’ As J acted out the rhyme, I held G so that she could watch.  We then moved on to different nursery rhymes, replacing the main character with a duck…e.g. ‘FIve cheeky ducks swimming in the bath,’ ‘Dingle Dangle ducky’ and so on. G loves music and singing and always responds with smiles and flappy arms when she hears J and I singing together! Music and singing is fantastic for baby G and J as it makes connections between both sides of the brain and stimulates parts of the brain associated with reading and writing.

Baby Sensory Bath.jpg6


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