Baby Colour Sensory Bath

Today is baby and Mummy uninterrupted play day (apart from feeding, naps, household chores, doctors appointments etc.)!  Despite the boring bits, we had a blast in the bath again and this time we had a colourful sensory experience.

Baby Colour Sensory Bath

As mentioned in my previous post ‘Baby Sensory Bath,’ G is learning to sit unaided and during this learning process, she is loving playing in her baby bath as it has moulds built in to support her.  She loves it and the bath is fast becoming our favourite sitting support during playtime.  To put this activity together, I covered the bath with a shiny, blue piece of material for both a visual and tactile experience for baby G. I then laid some of G’s multi-colour scarves on the outside of the bath in reach of G so that she could have a play with them. I strung some of the links we have and hooked them onto the underside of the bath. Finally, I added G’s ‘Skwish’ toy and rag doll.

Baby Colour Sensory Bath.jpg2

G really enjoys the links and they are so versatile and adaptable. I remember how much J loved them and they are relatively inexpensive to buy. G had a good tug on these and an occasional chew.  More importantly, the are fantastic for developing G’s grip and hand-eye coordination.

Baby Colour Sensory Bath.jpg3

The ‘Sqwish’ toy was a must buy for G.  It was expensive but it’s something I couldn’t recreate and an absolute favourite. It makes a rattle noise, it squishes, bounces and is brightly coloured.  The only problem with it is, J likes to play with is and keeps taking it off her!!  This toy is great for sensory experience, visual and motor development.

Baby Colour Sensory Bath.jpg6

For some reason the raggy doll always ends up having a ‘kissing’ session with baby G!

Baby Colour Sensory Bath.jpg5

Providing G with as many opportunities to sit up as possible is so important at her stage as it will develop her strength and eventually she’ll have a whole new, confident perspective on the world.  Putting the scarves within reach but just far enough away for G to have to move for them is also great for developing her core strength.

Baby Colour Sensory Bath.jpg7

When playing with baby G, I often incorporate some kind of character, like a teddy, doll, duck etc.  I use different voices to act as the toy and G is always mesmerised by them.  This is the beginning of her speaking and listening development as she is now ‘talking’ back to the characters. It’s so cute! I always include some songs into our play and today we sang the rainbow song; albeit badly, but G is unaware of my terrible singing voice!!

Baby Colour Sensory Bath.jpg8

To finish off today’s play, we had a lovely game of peekaboo using the rag doll and this got some real belly laughs from baby G! What a simple yet lovely play.  Not only that it was good for her physical development and development of her senses too.

Baby Colour Sensory Bath.jpg9


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