Musical Baby Gym

This activity was all about develop G’s physical ability and tracking sounds.  As I’ve mentioned before, music is crucial for developing those  links between both sides of baby’s brain, so introducing baby to instruments early on is beneficial.  To make the Gym, I got one of G’s mats, some instruments, a mirror and a support cushion.

Musical Baby Gym

To allow G some practise and encourage her to try and roll over, I used the instruments to first engage and grab her attention and then moved it to various positions, encouraging her to track the sounds and in turn move her body.  As you can see, placing the maraca behind her head, meant she had to roll to be able to see it.  G has only managed once to roll from back to front but she is getting closer and closer.  Placing the mirror in different positions, also encourages her to move as she likes looking at herself.

Musical Baby Gym.jpg4Musical Baby Gym.jpg5

It is important to use the instruments on both sides of her body to encourage her to roll both ways and develop her ability to listen with both ears.

Musical Baby Gym.jpg6

G gets really excited by our instruments.  In my opinion, I would invest in some good ones as they will be well played with.  J loves making a band and playing with all the instruments – noisy but great for their development.

Musical Baby Gym.jpg7

It is also good to let baby experiment with the instruments. G was very interested in banging on the tambourine today. Usually her favourite is the maraca but she showed an interest elsewhere today.

Musical Baby Gym.jpg8

Then there is tummy time! This is G’s LEAST favourite activity. She really doesn’t last long at all.  I remember J was the same! They’re just too nosy! They get it from their father!! Winking smile  Regardless, G has a minute or so, several times a day on her tummy and eventually she will learn to use her arms to lift her! Until then, I will persevere and let her have tummy time with and without the support cushion. Little and often is the key to tummy time if your baby hates it as much as mine!

Musical Baby Gym.jpg10Musical Baby Gym.jpg11

Musical Baby Gym; a physical and exploratory work out! Why don’t you give it a go?!



    1. Hi Sam, depending on what material you prefer, I love both of these. My son (age three) has had the Melissa and Doug ‘Band in a Box’ since the age of 1 and half and they are made of wood, My daughter enjoys them too. I also bought the Parum pum instruments for my niece when she was six months old. They are really good quality plastic in gorgeous colours (not the usual colours you’d expect) and she loves them. I’m dying to buy them for G but my husband won’t let me!! (Already have some instruments you see!) Please do shop around for best price on these as I just found the link to show you what they look like. Hope that helps!

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