After another wonderful class at Baby Sensory yesterday, I left inspired.  In the session, our babies were introduced to a gorgeous sensory experience which involved a patting mat.  Inside was rather like a lava lamp effect and it encourages baby to pat and clap and generally explore.  It was G’s favourite activity yesterday, so I thought I would try to create something similar. Our class leader did mention a way to make them but I forgot what she said! (Sorry Tracy!)

To make these lovely sensory bags, you will need some self seal or zip lock freezer bags, tape, baby oil and food colouring. I also used some sugar, a few buttons and pompoms too for variety and to add a bit of texture.  I didn’t go out today, so used what I had! The bags I have are tiny but they actually worked well with baby G’s hands.  I will definitely be making larger versions though as J showed a real interest too!

CAUTION: Before I go any further, these bags are certainly NOT suitable to be mouthed and baby should be supervised at all times! We would not want baby to ingest any of the contents so baby alone with these bags is a huge NO NO!

Sensory Bags.jpg13

To make the bags, I poured a small amount of baby oil in a bag, squeezed a few drops of food colouring and a couple of drops of water (very small amount of water!)  For the red bag, I also added some sugar to give it some texture and it felt lovely! The last two bags simply had a few buttons and pompoms in! I was going to add the oil and food colouring to the button bag but felt the bags were too small! I will be doing this with bigger bags once I get them though!  To complete the bags, I taped around all the edges to add a bit more strength and so that the oil didn’t come spilling out! Still a possibility of course but the tape definitely made them stronger!

Sensory Bags.jpg7

G went straight for the ‘lava lamp’ style bags! She prodded, poked, folded and had a lovely explore with them.

Sensory Bags.jpg4Sensory Bags.jpg5

I put the bags against a white tray so that the colours really stood out for baby G.

Sensory Bags.jpg6

As well as loving the oil bags, G had a really good look at the pompoms! She tried several times to put them in her mouth but I just made sure she didn’t.

Sensory Bags.jpg9

G found the red bag with sugar and oil in incredibly appealing! It actually made her drool! She still didn’t get it in her mouth though!!

Sensory Bags.jpg8Sensory Bags.jpg11

Babies learn and develop using their senses, so providing baby with different sensory experiences is really important.  This activity is a simple one to develop touch and a lovely visual activity too! I’m definitely going to do some bigger versions of these bags and use hair gel to make them squidgy and squelchy!  I will also be adding glitter, sparkles and sequins!! Ooooh! I CAN’T WAIT!!! Smile  Something tells me J is going to love it too!!

Sensory Bags.jpg2


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