I didn’t have time to write this post yesterday but we had a great play in some jelly with baby G!  It was a first for G and a definite hit!  I made the jelly as per the packet instructions and added some orange food colouring.  I then put some of G’s beloved link rings in there before the jelly set so that G would have a reason to poke around in the jelly.

Baby Jelly

It was a warm afternoon yesterday, so the cool jelly definitely helped to cool her down and she had fun exploring.  To begin with I scooped out the jelly and rings and put them in the play tray on G’s activity toy.

Baby Jelly.jpg4

It took a few attempts but once G knew what the jelly felt like, she got stuck into having a play and explore.

Baby Jelly.jpg2Baby Jelly.jpg3

After a while, G got tired in the upright position, so I moved the jelly and rings to a tin, sat her on my lap and carried on playing! J was our photographer!!  I let G have an explore with her feet too and she actually laughed! She’s so ticklish!

Baby Jelly.jpg6

To help G have a really good feel of the jelly, I scooped some up with my hands and she loved it! It went on the floor so I would recommend doing this in the kitchen with a ‘mopable’ floor!

Baby Jelly.jpg9

I also lifted up the jelly so that G would track it and lift her head, developing her neck muscles and core stability.  I then let it drop and G instinctively put her hands out to touch it as it dropped. Baby Jelly.jpg8


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