Jelly Ocean

My little man hasn’t been himself over the last couple of days. He has still wanted to play but in short bursts! This activity has proven the perfect tonic! He isn’t handling the heat well at all and being in the paddling pool is not appealing to him right now as he is fed up of the heat! Bless him! So this cool jelly that he can run his fingers through and play in has been perfect for cooling him down and when he’s had enough of playing, I just pop it back in the fridge and it’s lovely and cool again for the next play.

To make the ocean, I got a lunch box with a lid, made some jelly as per the packet instructions and used some blue food colouring to give a lovely ocean colour.

Jelly Ocean.jpg3

Before pouring the jelly in the lunch box to set, I gathered some shells and wrote out the letters of J’s name on some of them. Next, I poured the jelly in and popped it in the fridge.

Jelly Ocean 12.jpg5

Once the jelly was set, I put some of J’s sea creatures in the lunch box and put the box outside in the shade.  J was a little hesitant about touching the jelly at first as it was very cold.  It didn’t last long though and I think this was mainly down to the fact he wasn’t feeling himself.

Jelly Ocean

Whilst playing yesterday, J mainly, held the fish and ‘swam’ through the jelly making ‘swish’ noises.  He was generally exploring the jelly and how the creatures moved through it.  He didn’t take much notice of the shells, his focus was discovering the texture of the jelly.

Jelly Ocean.jpg2

J thought it was amusing when the whale came up and had jelly stuck to him.  He kept swimming through the jelly to try and cover it as much as possible. You can see the lovely pincer grip J used whilst playing with the whale.

Jelly Ocean.jpg4

Today, he played with it in a way I’d expected originally.  He took all the fish out and put them on the lid with Gil (from Bubble Guppies) and role played being at nursery.  It was a fish nursery and they had to learn how to dive and go down slides, splashing into the water.  There was lots of talk going on and imaginary play.

Jelly Ocean 12.jpg2Jelly Ocean 12.jpg1

After lots of role play, J began digging his fingers in the jelly and squelching it between his fingers. It was lovely to see him giggling after being so down the last few days.

Jelly Ocean 12

Once J had experimented with his hands and role played with the fish, he went to find his tweezers and began digging out the shells with his name on.  He got as far as spelling out ‘J’ and ‘o’ in his name and then needed a break! He’s still not right, poor man! Hopefully, he’ll be on the mend soon! Meanwhile, this lovely activity is back in the fridge ready for tomorrow!

Jelly Ocean 12.jpg12

What did J learn?

  • Discovered and explored a new texture and how different things respond to it (toys, hands, tweezers)
  • Developed fine motor development and pincer grip.
  • Took on the role of different characters in imaginary play,
  • Letter recognition of the letters in his name.


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