Large Sensory Bags

As I made the small Baby Sensory Bags during the week.  I couldn’t wait to make them bigger and more sparkly! J showed an interest in them during the week too, so I though the bigger bags would be great for both G (5 months) and J (3 years).  What I hadn’t bargained on was Daddy and I having lots of fun with them around the dining table! It was actually really therapeutic pushing the contents of the bag around and watching the bits glide along! Strange but true!

CAUTION: DO NOT leave children or baby unattended with these bags, the contents and the plastic bags are not suitable for children to play with independently!

Large Sensory Bags.jpg3

To make the bags, I simply dropped some hair gel into a sip lock freezer bag, dropped some confetti in one, sequins in another and in the third, I put some yellow food colouring and some of J’s toy fish.

Large Sensory Bags

Before giving it to J, I put some strong electrical tape around the edges to strengthen the bags and stop the gel from leaking out the sides.

Large Sensory Bags.jpg2

When I first presented J with the sensory bags, I purposely did not mix up the contents as I wanted J to do it! He particularly enjoyed mixing the contents of the bag with food colouring in and watching it change the gel to green.

Large Sensory Bags.jpg4Large Sensory Bags.jpg5

J also liked spreading the sequins out and actually began sorting them within the bag – matching up the like shapes.

Large Sensory Bags.jpg10

To match up the shapes, he had to be more precise about the moving so used his index finger to move things around more accurately.  This is lovely for fine motor development.

Large Sensory Bags.jpg7

I began writing letters in the gel, ‘J’ was the first letter and Josh said, ‘J for Josh’.  He then followed my lead and began making marks in the gel.  He also drew a few pictures of Mummy!

Large Sensory Bags.jpg11

Once the contents of the bags were suitably mixed and spread out, I let baby G have an explore.  As suspected, she got just as animated as she did with the small bags.  I like pressing down on the squidgy gel.

Large Sensory Bags.jpg8

She also liked handling it off the tray and scrunching it up in her little fist.

Large Sensory Bags.jpg9

What did J and G learn?

  • Fine motor development (both)
  • Sorting and matching (J)
  • Changes in materials (mixing of colours) (J)
  • Making marks and applying meaning to them. (J)

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