Peekaboo Family

Babies love a good game of ‘peekaboo’ so what better people to hide and surprise him/her than their family! At around four/five months old, babies are beginning to understand, that just because an object is out of sight, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  Due to this new understanding, peekaboo games and Jack in the Box toys are really popular with babies.  It is this understanding that explains their sudden ‘clinginess’ when Mummy/Daddy leaves the room! All babies will achieve this understanding in their own time, but if you get a laugh from a ‘Peekaboo’ game, you know they are beginning their understanding of ‘object permanence.’

Peekaboo Family.jpg1

To make this super simple game, you will need, photo’s of your family members (I used, Daddy, Mummy and brother), one lolly stick per family member, and one plant pot per family member.

Peekaboo Family

I simply cut out the head of each family member, laminated them (not essential but will make them last longer), attached them to a lolly stick using tape, made a little hole in the base of the plant pot and inserted the lolly stick.

Peekaboo Family.jpg2

From the second I held up the pots and started popping up each face, G was laughing!  She found it so entertaining and was desperately reaching out to grab Mummy, Daddy and J!

Peekaboo Family.jpg5

As I put the pop ups back in the pot, I would ask, ‘Where’s he/she gone?’ As they went up, I said ‘Peekaboo,’ ‘boo’ or ‘there she/he is!’  Talking to G as we play this game, develops her understanding of language, engages G as we play and develops her listening skills.

Peekaboo Family.jpg3

G got so excited with this simple game and it was wonderful for me to see her so excited when seeing the familiar faces.  Babies love faces anyway but seeing her reaction to my lovely family filled me with utter happiness!! Smile

Peekaboo Family.jpg4


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