J loves making presents for his loved ones and these gifts are nice and simple and develop his fine and gross motor skills.  It was also great for J’s language development as he described what he was doing (in the style of Mr Maker) as he was doing it! Perfect for instructional language!

All you need is:

  • Mix of half PVA glue and half water
  • Tissue paper (or old newspaper/magazine paper)
  • Pastry cutters
  • Cling film

Home-made Gifts

I cut up the tissue paper into small pieces and put them in the glue mix.  J stirred the tissue paper in, making sure all the pieces were soaked. (Gross motor development!)

Home-made Gifts.jpg2

Once the pieces were suitably saturated, J took small bits and squeezed them to get the excess glue mixture out and pinched them into small pieces. (Fine motor and pincer development!)

Home-made Gifts.jpg4

When J picked out pieces that were too big he ripped them apart and made them into a suitable size.

Home-made Gifts.jpg5

I made sure the cutters were lined with cling film so that, once dry, they were easy to remove and they wouldn’t get stuck! Providing J with a wide variety of cutters meant he could choose and select his resources.

Home-made Gifts.jpg6

They have taken a couple of days to dry solid and are now ready for his doting family!  They look lovely and are nice and solid for a keep sake!  Giving activities a purpose (like presents for people) gives children a real sense of achievement as they get to give their gifts out!

Home-made Gifts.jpg7

What did J learn?

  • Fine and gross motor development
  • choosing resources
  • Language development (talking me through what he was doing – in the style of Mr Maker!!)
  • Creativity
  • Recognition of colour
  • Problem solving (filling the shapes accurately!)

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