My Own Story Book

This was our second Literacy activity of the afternoon and it was centred around J making his ‘Own Story Book.’ This last week, we have had one of my loveliest friends over to stay from Ireland and J was so sad to see her go last night! So it was no surprise his story was about Mary!  Now I’ve heard a story before called, ‘There’s something about Mary!’  It’s obviously true!

To set up this activity, we used some bright paper with a stapled bind to make a book, J’s stamp set and his tiny letter stamps from the craft shop.

My own story book

I purposely got the tiny stamps as I knew is would develop J’s pincer grip!


My own story book.jpg2

I pulled out the letters to make up J’s name and let him have a go at printing/stamping his name on the front cover! We talked about he was the author of this book and everyone needed to know!

My own story book.jpg3

You can see from the photo’s below, the great finger/hand workout stamps give to a child.

My own story book.jpg4My own story book.jpg5

As well as stamping the illustrations, J also drew some. As he didn’t have a ‘Mary’ stamp he had to draw her! Bless him!

My own story book.jpg6

After lots of stamping and talking, J’s book was complete!  You can see on the front his fab attempt at stamping his name!  When a child is given the opportunity to make their own story, a wonderful thing happens!  All those wonderful stories you have shared with your child since birth, work their magic and create your very own author! The more books they read, the better their language and vocabulary will be! I know I’m a proud Mum but I just wanted to exemplify this!  Below is an ‘extract’ of J’s story! The language and story telling was completely independent and I owe the pride I felt this afternoon to every author J has ever enjoyed…

My own story book.jpg7

J’s Story…  (This was all in J’s own words as he flicked through the book)

“Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl called Mary.  She had to go home and she clambered on the aeroplane!  She was so exhausted and she wanted to stay with Josh and Mummy.  When she got on, she whooshed in the air and blasted off to home. She got off and the sign said ‘STOP!’ Then she saw a fire engine zoom down the road…”

I’ll stop there but OH MY GOODNESS – did my just turned three year old just say clambered? Julia Donaldson – I LOVE YOU!!!

What did J learn?

  • Story telling
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Developed language and vocabulary
  • Fine motor development
  • Pencil control

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