My little angel has mastered rolling over this week from her back to her front and it has given her a whole new perspective on playing! Unfortunately, in the same week, she had started teething VERY badly! Poor baby!

Touch it Bite it Throw it

The title of this activity explains exactly what was intended.  I gathered together some small plastic balls (small enough for G to hold, but not small enough to fit in her mouth!)  I put six of them in a brightly coloured, silicone cake tray.  This is perfect for chewing and biting and G gets as much enjoyment out of this as she does flinging the balls around the room! When I first gave G the activity this morning, I placed it just behind her head so that she had to roll over to play with it! As you can see by her expression, she is loving this new found ability!


Touch it Bite it Throw it.jpg1

G has just discovered that when she flaps her arms around a ball, they go flying so she is doing this a lot with balls at the moment.  Discovering rolling and cause and effect- what a clever baby! She doesn’t take her eye off the ball until it stops moving!  You can just see the yellow ball she flung in the photo below (right of the photo).

Touch it Bite it Throw it.jpg2

Because the silicone tray is so malleable, G loves a good chew on it and it’s not going to hurt her gums!

Touch it Bite it Throw it.jpg5

This activity allows G to rehearse her ability to grab and hold objects! Older babies would also enjoy taking the balls out of the holes and putting them back in again.

Touch it Bite it Throw it.jpg8

Baby G played this game for quite a long time! It was only when she was physically tired, she began to moan a little so I changed her position.

Touch it Bite it Throw it.jpg6

The first thing she did in the sitting position was have a good old bite…

Touch it Bite it Throw it.jpg0

… a bit more throwing…

Touch it Bite it Throw it.jpg9

… and a good explore, feel and touch of the plastic balls!

Touch it Bite it Throw it.jpg11


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