Rattling Relatives

We know babies love looking at faces, listening to sounds, shaking and banging so I thought, why not combine all of these things for baby G’s activity today!

For this, you will need:

  • a transparent tub with a lid
  • photographs of relatives (I used her brother and cousins today)
  • rice (or alternative to make a rattling sound)
  • self-adhesive address labels or something sticky

Rattling Relatives

Firstly, I lined the inside of the tub with faces of G’s cousins and her brother. Once they were in place, I used the labels to secure them.  I also lined the lid of the pot with another cousin’s face so that faces could be seen all around the tub.

Rattling Relatives.jpg2

Finally, I put a small amount of rice inside the tub and put the lid on.

Rattling Relatives.jpg9

The rattle was ready to go!  As soon as G saw the faces, she got super excited.  Not that she recognised them (I don’t think!) but babies like pretty much any faces. G liked patting the rattle and I shook it to show her that it made a sound…

Rattling Relatives.jpg3

Once I had shaken it, G wanted it all for herself and kept grabbing at it.  I made sure I moved the tub around so that she could see the different faces.

Rattling Relatives.jpg4

G got her hands on the tub and tried her hardest to bang it.  She didn’t manage it during the first play and kept missing… this is a great way to rehearse her hand-eye coordination as well as an enjoyable sensory experience for her ears and eyes.

Rattling Relatives.jpg5

As G is mastering sitting up independently, I used the rattle to get her to look up and move around as she sat, to encourage her core stability to strengthen in different positions.

Rattling Relatives.jpg6

After our coffee out, G came home and got stuck into the rattle again. I was trying to feed her as she’s started her weaning but she kept reaching for the rattle – so I gave up and let her have a play.  Totally my fault for leaving it in sight!

Rattling Relatives.jpg7

G then had another ‘sitting unaided’ session and managed to bang the tub like a drum… yippee!  G also discovered, much to her frustration, that when she pushed it on it’s side, it rolled away!  A nice and simple activity for all under one.  Older babies would also be excited to recognise the photo’s of the extended family members, whereas G is still focussed on Mummy, Daddy and J right now!

Rattling Relatives.jpg8


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